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NT Generator Program Reviews – Dr. Richard Goran

NT generator program reviews

Fast rising energy bills have become major source of concern for many people. Since conventional energy sources are really expensive, people have started depending on alternative energy sources like solar energy but they also have their own limitations. For example; the installation costs of solar panels are very high and you cannot guarantee the availability of solar energy during the winter season. That is exactly where the importance of NT Generator Program comes in.

nt generator

What is NT Generator Program?

NT Generator Program is a digital guide that teaches you how to make a small and portable device or power generator that helps you power any kind of household appliances including lamps, toaster, refrigerator, AC units or anything else you want. The maker of this program Prof. Dr, Richard Goran says that this small generator reduces your electricity bills by 82% or more. According to the manufacturer, when you follow the guidelines advocated in this eBook, you can construct this power generator with absolute ease and comfort and, you do not have to possess the expertise of an electrician to make this device.

A brief description of the NT Generator Program:

The NT generator program contains videos and step by step instructions that are quite easy to follow and even your kid can build the generator by the end of the day with the help of this guide. You can purchase this eBook for a modest price of $49 as a part of special offer and the entire package consists of power innovator videos, detailed list of tools and supplies and a surprise bonus as well. The manufacturer offers a 60-day money back guarantee scheme for the customers and if you are not satisfied with results within 60 days, full amount will be refunded without any questions asked.

The history of NT Generator:

Nikola Tesla was born on July 10, 1856 in the small village Smiljan (Croatia today) and he displayed extra ordinary obsession towards making mechanical appliances and home craft tools. When Tesla found out that he was not progressing well with his school studies, he left school and went for the US to work with the great Thomas Edison in designing and improving electrical equipment. This amazingly talented young man promised Edison that he could redesign his generators and motors and, Edison offered him $50,000 if he could do so. Tesla redesigned the motors and generators with utmost efficiency but Edison did not give the money he promised. Then, Tesla stopped his association with Edison and he started his own company known as Tesla Electric Light & Manufacturing. The company developed electrical arc light based illumination systems and they also become successful in designing dynamo electric machine commutators.

Later, the investors disagreed with Tesla’s proposal of developing alternating current transmission systems and motors and, eventually; he was expelled from his own company. One year later, this determined person established a new company known as Tesla Electric Company with the help of an attorney friend and, he constructed an alternating current induction motor based on a rotating magnetic field. Tesla received patent for the motor in May 1888. He conducted experiments in different areas like X-ray and radio waves and, finally, he came up with a secret invention that was destined to change the energy world forever. That was exactly how NT generator came into existence and with this weird little device, Tesla could get 500 free watts for every 100 watts consumed. He displayed this invention to a few investors to raise money for the development of this project and they were really impressed by this amazing invention. Later, they realized that this device was going to hurt their interests in an adverse manner. Since these investors were making huge amount of money through conventional energy sources, they did not want Tesla to go through with this project and as a part of conspiracy, the entire Tesla laboratory building burnt to the ground.

Devastated by this bitter experience, Tesla went back to his natal village in Smiljan with all the research papers he could save and he revealed the secret of NT generator to a few people in his village. He died on January 7 1943 in a hotel room in New York. Today, people in Smiljan are making use of this device to save their energy bills and Dr. Richard Goran realized the amazing benefits of this device during his 4 years stay in this village. He collected all details about this device and designed a digital guide known as NT Generator Program that teaches you how to make this device in an easy and hassle free manner.

How much money do you need to spend to make this device?

This small and portable device can be built for only $63 and all components can be purchased from a local shop. Every unbiased NT Generator Program review clearly suggests that the videos available in this digital guide give clear cut instructions on how to build the device and you do not need the expertise and experience of a mechanical engineer or an electrician to construct the NT generator.

How does NT Generator System:work?

You can use this device to power everything including small radios, refrigerators, computers, plasma TVs and many more. How can you cook food and preserve it in the refrigerator when all the energy lines are down? It is an ideal option in such emergency situations and you can easily manage the disaster situations quite comfortably. Tesla makes use of a bifilar coil that has the power to last tens of years and it offers an extra boost that a small source of electricity needs to transform itself into more electricity. The mechanism of NT generator can be easily explained by comparing it with the functioning of an aircraft carrier. Air craft carriers are not working on gas or diesel but their energy is provided by uranium. You need to realize that 100 lbs of uranium is adequate enough to propel a huge carrier for one year without interruption and same thing happens with Tesla coil. This coil has the same power but with a different proportion and it boosts any electricity source into 5 times more in an instant and permanent manner without any intervention. What does it indicate? If you gain 80% more electricity, you will have to pay only 20% of how much you are paying today.

Pros Of NT Generator System:

1) It helps you save at least 80% electricity instantly and permanently.

2) This device is highly portable and you can keep it even in your pocket.

3) It can be built for only $63 using components that can be brought at any local shop.

4) You do not have to be an electrician to build this device because the videos available in this digital guide put forward simple and easy-to-follow guidelines.

5) You can power any kind of household appliances including lamps, toasters, refrigerators, AC units and many more.

6) NT generator is an ideal option during emergency situations, especially when all the energy lines are down and the process of cooking and preserving food become hassle free in such a situation.

7) The manufacturer offers 60 day money back guarantee scheme for the customers.

8) Since this product is in a digital format, you can watch or download videos as many times as you wish.

9) The entire package contains a surprise gift and a detailed list of tools and supplies along with the videos.

10) You just need 30 minutes to watch the videos and this generator can be built within 2 hours.

11) A large pool of satisfied customers can be associated with this product.

Cons Of NT Generator System:

1) Many people still believe that it is too complex to build.

2) It is only available in digital format and you cannot find a hard copy of this product.

3) If you do not follow the guidelines correctly, you cannot achieve the best results.


It is a fact that everybody wants to reduce their energy bills but you may wonder whether reducing by 82% is real or not. People, who live in Smiljan (Croatia), are making use of this invention with tremendous success and Dr. Richard Goran personally came to know about it during his four-year stay in Smiljan. Another important aspect is that it makes use of a scientifically proven technology and more than 32,000 thousand people have already purchased this product. That is why you can say that it is tried and tested product and, each unbiased NT Generator Program review reasserts this conclusion without a shadow of doubt.


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